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3rd Edition of Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

October 24-26, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA

GAB 2022

Rise In Recovery The Neuroscience Of Spirituality For Healing Addiction

Speaker at Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 2022 - Kimberley Berlin
Compassionate Beginnings, LLC, United States
Title : Rise In Recovery The Neuroscience Of Spirituality For Healing Addiction


Alcohol and substance abuse disorders have baffled the medical community for centuries. Though these conditions can be arrested, there is no known “cure”: One drink, or one drug, can undo decades of abstinence and return a person to a state worse than when they left off. More than a neurological or physical disorder, addiction eats at the soul.
Rise in Recovery: The Neuroscience of Spirituality for Healing Addiction merges modern day neuroscience with the wisdom of the ancients to help individuals navigate to a higher dimension of recovery than ever thought possible. While many approaches offer “meditation” as a tool for recovery, Rise offers spirituality as an evidence-based path in recovery.
Much has been written about spirituality and healing the brain. Little has been written about how spirituality can heal the brain from addiction. Understanding the connection between science and the human spirit casts new light on what the experience of “recovery” can truly mean.
Examining the foundations of addiction, neuroscience and spirituality, this session presents numerous ways in which individuals in recovery can be guided to healing through research-based approaches. When we can engage clients in connecting to their Self-energy and to develop a relationship with the transcendent, we can help them to experience a profound dimension of human experience.
What an audience will learn from the presentation:
Understanding what “spirituality” means and how a variety of practices can engage the brain in neuroplasticity, the specific tools and techniques presented will give participants the opportunity
to easily share these with clients. This presenter encourages further clinical research to build on the existing body of knowledge published by researchers such as Andrew Newburg, MD, Rick Hanson, PhD, Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Lisa Miller, PhD, Mario Beauregard, PhD, Daniel G. Amen, MD, and Richard J. Davidson, PhD.


Kimberley L. Berlin, LCSW, graduated with her MSW from Florida International University in 1994. She attended University of Southern California doctoral social work program and transitioned to a position in the federal government focused on welfare reform. In 2010 she decided to return to her passion, clinical psychotherapy with individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders. She is the owner and operator of Compassionate Beginnings, LLC. She has written articles for Social Work Today, Advances in Addiction, and in the public domain. Public speaker, presenter, educator. “Rise in Recovery” is a forthcoming book to be released in 2022-2023.