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4th Edition of Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

October 19-21, 2023 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

GAB 2019

Stephanie Kewley

Speaker at Global Conference on Addiction Medicine and Behavioral Health 2019 - Stephanie Kewley
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom
Title : Building recovery capital through community theatre


It is well documented that engaging with arts-based activities, provides general populations a wide range of social, health, and well-being benefits. Yet, the evidence for arts-based activities delivered with/to people in drug and alcohol recovery treatment communities, in the UK at least, is unfortunately negligible. Dr Kewley argues for a greater investment and understanding of the effectiveness of arts-based interventions for people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Findings from one arts-based intervention is presented during this session.

Staging Recovery is a three year project delivered by the Geese Theatre Company in the UK. The project delivers intensive group work sessions (approx.10 per block), using Geese Theatre drama methods, each of which result in two performances; one in a ‘traditional’ theatre context, the other, in a less formal community setting. Staging Recovery, serves as a complementary intervention to conventional medical models of recovery, and uses the Arts as a vehicle to enhance the recovery capital of its participants. During this presentation, Dr Kewley summarises findings from her three year evaluation, in which participants experiences are documented. Encouraging findings demonstrate that through participation in community-drama, participants begin to: develop non-stigmatised identities; reduce harmful behaviours; develop a range of new skills; improve mental and physical wellbeing and; experience a sense of achievement and hope. However, the arts-based recovery community in the UK is in its infancy. This presentation therefore, concludes with an introduction to “Recovery and the Arts” an emergent project and network developed at Liverpool John Moores University.


Dr Stephanie Kewley is a Senior Forensic Psychology Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. She has worked in several Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology research, educational, and correctional contexts. Her work has included the delivery and design of psychological interventions (risk assessment tools, risk management planning, and the delivery of cognitive behavioral programs) to drug and alcohol users, sexual offenders and domestic violent perpetrators; as well as correctional staff (police, probation officers, and psychologists). The central focus of her work is with marginalized and highly stigmatized populations, the aim being, to help them safely (re)integrate into the community.