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3rd Edition of Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

October 24-26, 2022 | Orlando, Florida, USA

GAB 2021

Aromatic plants, aromatherapy, addiction, and human behavioral health

Speaker at Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 2021 - Mohammadbagher Rezaee
Research Institute of Forest and Ranglands, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Aromatic plants, aromatherapy, addiction, and human behavioral health


The total of the herbal, animal, and mineral knowledge used in the maintenance of health and treatment of illnesses is from nature. Natural medicine or herbal therapy in Iran was left by the great physician Avicenna (980-1037 A.D). So, up to now, all scientists have followed traditional remedies and are interested in finding ways to natural treatments. Iranian botanists have led to the recognition of around 150 spontaneous families of Angiosperms, including 124 Dicotyledonous, 22 Monocotyledonous, and 4 Gymnosperm families. Totally, there are about 1450 genera and 8000 species, of which nearly 1000 species are medicinal and aromatic plants. Data shows the olfactory system, the nose-brain association, is the most direct connection we have with the environment or nature. So, in this way, "Aromatherapy", which uses aroma from nature, can be defined as the art of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic components from different parts of aromatic plants to balance, promote health, improve sleep, psychological and spiritual wellbeing, reduce addiction, and relax the mind and body. Some important aromatic plants are Mentha piperita, Citrus aurantium, Lavandula angustifolia, and Rosa damascena blooms, which the average amount found in 60,000 rose blooms (6,000 kg) produces 1 kg of rose oil. Attention is given to everyone. Nowadays, many perfumes or oils obtained from flowers, seeds, or leaves are produced almost synthetically. So, this research focuses on extracting essential oils as natural products to substitute synthetic compounds by steam or hydro-distillation processes.


Mohammadbagher Rezaee obtained his Ph.D. in Phyto-chemistry from India (NS. Institute). He has experience of more than 28 years in teaching, research and the herbal industry. He is currently a Professor of Phyto-chemistry, Research Associate, and Co-Investigator of the university and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on herbs. He also worked full time as a scientist in the M.P. department of the Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands (RIFR)-Tehran-IRAN. He was awarded 3 national awards. As an example, the "Razi research festival on medicinal sciences" award for excellent work in the "Medicinal plants as natural products and their biological uses" field. He has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of some national and international journals, including herbs and their essential oils. He has published 8 books in the Persian language and two chapters in English abroad, nearly 200 papers in reputed journals, and supervised 25 Ph.D. and more than 60 in MSc., Now he is on duty at the Union of Medicinal Plants of Iran (Chairman, UMPI) and the Iranian Medicinal Plants Society (Board member, IMPS).