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How contain the new narcissism

Speaker at Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 2022 - Lucien Oulahbib
IRCOM, Lyon3, France
Title : How contain the new narcissism


Have you remarked maybe that in the street when you crossed a person with a mobile in her hand and who exchange also a furtive glance or an indirect feeling with you as to touch his hairs, have afraid, or readjust her clothes, it's appears sometimes in the case if your interaction seems ask some questions from her, that immediately she look after to avoid the exchange of regards or feelings as a smile with you to immediately staring sometimes little nervously her mobile phone, even if it's not necessary as a phone call or a notification ?

Maybe because some interrogations pop up in his intimate she doesn’t' want to be uncomfortable?... It's maybe by the way a good tool to spare an inconvenient in order the conservation of the Self; but, also, we can made the hypothesis that the phone mobile plays the function of transcendental link with a previous global perception (a "big picture") acting as a framework prejudices some behaviors that the person doesn't want to change in anyway ; in this angle the mobile phone, for instance, is it this very tool, this real protection “screen” to prevent against the temptations from "Babylon" (consumerism addiction by hyper narcissism), or/and, in contrary, is her enter door ?...

This need of “protection” which can becomes also an addiction is the focus on my actual research. According our previous work about the classification of the sentiments (following definition from Pierre Janet : sentiment is a regulation of action) in link with self-esteem affirming accomplishment or only his conservation/preservation, and also his dispersion and dissolution on a right and a wrong way (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amp.2019.01.009 ), it's possible also to precise forward inside some details to consider how the consequences from interaction with something and someone it's reinforce the 2 Self or not and so in the universal way i.e.,scientist way (see my last work, in French for the timebeing: https://www.editions- harmattan.fr/livrela_qualite_comme_quotidien_le_travail_pneumatologique_dans_l_interaction_lucien_samir_oulahb ib-9782140284380-74101.html )

But, today to have his eyes stare in permanence even in walking to cross a large avenue on the mobile phone is not only a sort of "behavior protection" to avoid itself non necessary interaction. It's also, and above all when it's too frequently solicited, an addiction tool, especially when the loss of confidence to have a human relations outside work or when loneliness appears ; because this tool which talk and even supplies its artificial intelligence advice (like "Her" movie) show up as a quick illusionary solution which can compensating the miss or warm with some addictions in particular electronically ; such stare permanently certain pictures for instance as a sort of auto-hypnosis ; and also go too long on Metaverse universe or to choose exclusively permanent video exchange transferred sometimes on big Tv screen inside every flat and lived as a real presence ; it seems an echo on the fact that all the reality to become little by little oneiric in some way since the Virtual is a space where lot of people lives a longtime with their series tv for instance (maybe as always when the life of famous persons allows to live by procuration) but specially today in the sense where the difference between pure virtual pictures and human citizens appearance plastic seems to become only a point of view, especially if you didn't saw in real the person but only this one with his own avatar who can to call you with your first name and give you a nice smile if you see her on screen.

Anyway, and in these actual and civilizational conditions how to recognize if this kind of interaction reinforce or weak the self-esteem? It depends of our interest’s personals and our final political conception (politeia) concerning the link between us as citizens and as human beings each either and in our deep intimacy.

But, if in these conditions, indeed you want reinforce your own Self and also the Citizen which is inside from you and this toward the direction of accomplishment in order to get a good life for yourself and also together (as Aristoteles said : the political as a goal to reach the happiness) it's not necessary to "play" cynically in "observing" for instance with excitation and enjoyment the dark side of the accomplishment (narcissism) preservation (envy), dissolution (self-destruction) and dispersion (wandering) of your own Self and also as Citizen in other words the "war from all against all" above all as today within this political and civilizational total collapse for some analysts, it's therefore maybe necessary therefore to adopt a new medicine.

So, in from Pierre Janet method (in "La médecine psychologique" 1923) as I show in the article (supra) and in my last book (with the application of lot of items to preserve and reinforce yourself) it's possible for instance to suspend all kind of "toxic" connection with some people who confound friendship and love or, at least, control the negatives effects inside your thought and imaginary when a bad dissolution and dispersion way pop up of your Self as produce for instance some aggressive and sexual phallic pictures too invasive; and this not only in the oneiric way (which you can also compensate with a sort of catharsis with the different artistic representations as the Ancient Greek showed us) but also in purpose force you a weakness act as some harassment or hatred in justify or an invective with harm mockery and not humoristic way (don't confuse this with a so call "political correctness" as we see in some university today which it's impossible to give any remarks without aggressive classification like being it's uncomfortable in front of because it will be seen as racist extremist behavior an so on to express himself like this).

Thereby, if we prevent ourselves from this in some way too rudimentary civilizational turning point which consider than preserve and affine yourself is selfish, we can for instance propose another way to some people who has a emotional trend to do not support any pictures very young people images which fetch not only a need to become as them, but also and in a contradictory fame to set off a envious reaction (because they couldn’t replace them) as "kill" (possess them sexually also like a right from "elder") them by survival pulsion to express his superiority.

These people want thereby some revenge to "consume" some (very) young people really (Epstein affair) or by proxy as obscene pictures which can replaces their presence. And the electronic multiplication to access at this virtual possibility is reinforced in his dark side (negative dissolution in our method) by the discrepancy between the forbidden legally behavior and their underground way to justify itself.

Don't forget in the ethologic analysis we can see inside some animals’ fights (like the monkey) the looser shows his bottom to the winner to signify he can use him as he wishes. In a parallel way it's not astonish to see some sensitive old or middle people about a very young people’s pictures which then concurrency in their own self-esteem and they wants to "punish" them for this in imposing them their power like an incandescent red mark.

Certainly, the distinction between real and imaginary, phantasm and acting indeed, always a delicate matter. Above all because some people can always argue that this universal framework concerning how to" reinforce the Self" independently of all ethics religious or "new age" systems is always too general, metaphysic, then that it's depend from every cultural system : in other words if "to consume" some (very) young (images) people can be forbidden, inside the others cultural system it's not ; it's why also and first an global ethical and political problem than we cannot just put this outside for our particular social-psychological field...

But in other side we cannot impose any universal framework to reach this kind of " souverain Good"; we can just said anyway that if some people wants to live in an harmony way it's possible, in considering precisely how we can ventilate classified every interaction in a universal and therefore a true scientist and ethic way to know if its reinforce or weak ourselves not only as human being but also as citizen.

Here is the framework of my actual work about to know how we are functioning and what for; all in knowing that if it's necessary to verify these strong hypotheses, those ones come already from some experiences...

But how pass through this kind of vicious circle?... By the debate and confrontation to propose analysis and solutions reals, not only through artificial consensus often no new results as I think to have find.


Dr(HDR) Lucien Oulahbib is a researcher associated (CLESID Lyon III, France) teacher at IRCOM (Lyon), has written articles and a book about Pierre Janet methodology.