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5th Edition of Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

October 21-23, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

GAB 2024

Andrew Susskind

Speaker at Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 2024 - Andrew Susskind
Private Practice, United States
Title : Restoring the wisdom of the nervous system through brainspotting, trauma healing and addiction recovery


In this workshop, attendees will learn how Brainspotting offers individuals with a history of addictive, compulsive behaviors the ability to observe their nervous systems with curiosity and non-judgment. Because addiction is often rooted in attachment ruptures and brokenheartedness, this presentation illustrates how Brainspotting can alleviate suffering related to core themes such as grief and loss, unresolved shame and profound isolation. Compulsive sexual behavior will be highlighted as an illustration of disconnection and secrecy, and there will be an exploration of how Brainspotting offers the possibility of nervous system regulation and attachment repair as clients develop greater perspective and self-compassion.

Addiction is commonplace in our culture. But so is the desire to heal. Thirty years ago, clients came to me with the sole purpose of stopping their self-destructive behaviors. Today it’s a different story: not only do they want to put an end to their cravings, but they also want to live better lives as well, with greater intimacy and more satisfying relationships. The root cause of their suffering always leads back to brokenheartedness. I have found that addictive, compulsive activities are not about the surface issues, but instead about the underlying suffering, and the remedy is reliable relationships. Because we know that we are biologically wired for connection, Brainspotting provides clinicians with a highly effective modality to heal layers of trauma in addition to paving a road toward meaning and purpose.

In this workshop there will be a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the twenty-year history of Brainspotting as well as the psychoeducational elements shared with clients prior to engaging in the process. A demonstration of Brainspotting will allow attendees to witness the relational and neurobiological attunement necessary for this intimate process. As a result, there will be a basic understanding of the sequence and flexibility available to clients. After the attendees observe the Brainspotting process, there will be an ample opportunity for questions and a detailed exploration of what was observed in the demonstration.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Attendees will be able to teach clients nervous system awareness and the capacity to assess regulated and dysregulated states.
  • Attendees will recognize the numerous types of brokenheartedness underlying addictive, compulsive behaviors.
  • Attendees will understand the clinical benefits of Brainspotting with a client recovering from addictive, compulsive activities.
  • Attendees will discover specific ways to educate clients about self-regulation and mutual regulation.
  • Attendees will observe a Brainspotting session resulting in greater familiarity with the process and the somatic awareness that can be taught to clients.


Andrew Susskind is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Group Psychotherapist and author based in Los Angeles since 1992 specializing in trauma and addictive, compulsive behaviors. His books include It’s Not About the Sex: Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction (Central Recovery Press, June 2019) and The It’s Not About the Sex Workbook (Routledge Press, 2024).