2nd Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine,
Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
(Now Virtual)

October 19-20, 2020 | 12:00-19:00 GMT

Radu Mutihac

Addiction Conferences 2020
Radu Mutihac
University of Bucharest,Romania


Prof. Emeritus Radu Mutihac is Chair of Medical Physics Section, University of Bucharest, and works in Neuroscience, Signal Processing, Microelectronics, and Artificial Intelligence. As postdoc/research associate/visiting professor/full professor, he run his research at the University of Bucharest, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Italy), Ecole Polytechnique and Institut Henri Poincaré (France), KU Leuven (Belgium). Data mining and exploratory analysis of neuroimaging time series were addressed during two Fulbright Grants in Neuroscience (Yale University, CT, and University of New Mexico, NM, USA).


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