2nd Global Conference on

Addiction Medicine,
Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

October 21-23, 2021 | Online Conference

Multimedia Addiction

Multimedia Addiction
  • Cell Phone and Social Media Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Internet Addiction

Checking and looking over through social media has ended up a progressively well-known action over the final decade. In spite of the fact that the larger part of peoples’ utilize of social media is non-problematic, there's a little rate of clients that ended up dependent to social organizing destinations and lock in in intemperate or compulsive utilize. In reality, clinicians appraise that as numerous as 5 to 10% of Americans meet the criteria for social media compulsion nowadays. Social media addiction could be a Behavioral enslavement that's characterized as being excessively concerned around social media, driven by an wild encourage to log on to or utilize social media, and giving so much time and exertion to social media that it disables other vital life areas. Addictive social media utilize will see much like that of any other substance utilize clutter, counting disposition adjustment (i.e., engagement in social media leads to a favourable alter in passionate states), striking nature (i.e., Behavioral, cognitive, and enthusiastic distraction with social media.

Committee Members
Committee Member at Addiction Medicine Conference - Frederick J. Goldstein

Frederick J. Goldstein

American College of Clinical Pharmacology, USA
Addiction Conferences 2021

Radu Mutihac

University of Bucharest, Romania
Committee Member at Addiction Medicine Conference - Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel

Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel

Curry College & NEALAC Clinic, United States
Addiction 2021
Addiction Conferences 2021

Eric Garland

University of Utah, USA
Keynote Speaker for Addiction Conferences 2021 - Frederick J Goldstein

Frederick J. Goldstein

American College of Clinical Pharmacology, USA
Keynote Speaker for Addition Conferences 2021 - Deni Carise

Deni Carise

University of Pennsylvania, United States
Addiction Conferences 2021 Speaker

Elizabeth Dale Gilley

The Elle Foundation, USA

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